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Forward-Thinking Cannabis Entrepreneur
Host of "Plant Problems" PodcastAuthor of "From Black Market to The Man"
When Tony Frischknecht stepped into the world of investing, he didn’t have a mentor, and because of that, it took him years to discover his investment passion. When he finally did uncover it, his first five years of investing in the cannabis market were filled with struggles.

“Nobody really tells you how to do this,” Tony said, “You hear people talk about wanting to be an investor, but what does that mean?”  

Tony supports individuals to find their identity and passion as an investor.  He has a great sense of both the numbers and ‘behind the door’ industry processes that ensure your success as an investor.

“Unless you have somebody there taking you through step-by-step, you don’t really understand it.”

Tony lives by his word, giving young investors and entrepreneurs access to the skills and knowledge they need to succeed – from the very beginning.

Hard-Earned Experience

With over a decade and a half teaching himself how to invest in everything from gold to cannabis, Tony has experienced first-hand both the victories and defeats of forging his own path. 

Through these experiences, he has found his passion to support individuals who are starting their path to find their fortunes through the legal cannabis industry.

“With small banks finally opening up to companies and taking this industry seriously, they are now supporting Cannabis Entrepreneurs with checking account access and commercial real estate lending, stabilizing the marketplace. ” Tony said.

Success Through Persistence And Resilience

He got his start in the medical cannabis industry in Fort Collins, Colorado, founding a small, cannabis caregiving business called Highway to Healing. By age 35, Tony had two dispensaries with sales of $6.5MM annually,   He developed the processes to create efficiency with two indoor grow facilities, a combined 20,000 square foot- indoor production, in Denver, Colorado, which required 19 city and state licenses.

Joining with various partners, Tony has continued his success by investing in a variety of cutting-edge companies in the cannabis sector, including O.penvape, Organ and, most recently, Essential Extraction Corp.

Tony’s companies have:

  • Posted sales of $100 million ++
  • Sold a product every nine seconds
  • Created over 1 million grams of concentrated cannabis oil per year 
  • Purchased 10 tons of marijuana per year
  • Established a brand that was sold in  1,200 dispensaries across 12 states and in Jamaica

Today, Tony holds a “vertical grow” system manufactured by Ideal Harvest with multiple patents across several countries.

PP 15 | Cannabis Business

Find Your Own Success And Independence

Tony’s focus is to be the mentor, supporting investors and entrepreneurs to fast-track their own success in the legal cannabis industry.
From Black Market to the Man marks Tony’s first effort to help investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry find clarity and independence on their own road to success.

He’s followed the success of his book with the podcast, ‘Plant Problems’, where he talks with industry-leaders to shed light on trends and technologies for new cannabis entrepreneurs and investors.  What business owners have learned is that instead of taking the long, winding road, fraught with pitfalls and setbacks, they have leveraged Tony’s hard-earned experience, and skip to the good part, 

Today, Tony continues to help investors and entrepreneurs through personal mentorship, as a speaker, and in the continuing ‘Plant Problems’ podcast.

Anthony(Tony) Frischknecht

Black1 LLC

Business Location (By Appointment Only): 1001 Bannock St Num 415, Denver, CO 80204

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