PP 86 | Drug Use


The decriminalization of small amounts of drug use such as cocaine, meth, and heroin has been happening in various states in America. This has led to many people talking about growing cannabis, which may cause a federal movement for cannabis decriminalization. In this episode, Tony Frischknecht discusses the various implications of these recent developments. What future industries may arise from these events? What law enforcement initiatives must be put in place for drug regulation? Tune in to this episode and get updates on some recent stories involving cannabis.

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Decriminalization Of Drug Use And Its Effect On The Cannabis Industry

Please hit me up and subscribe to my show for my YouTube channel. You can receive alerts as we put out new shows every week for coming up with new stuff. This time, I have a crazy discussion to have with you. I know we were going through a lot towards the end of 2020. In November, there were a lot of things to pass. There was a lot of stuff in cannabis that passed. One of the big ones that stood out that I still haven’t heard a whole lot of discussion on. Besides, we had several States, either legalize, medically, or recreationally like Mississippi, South Dakota, Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey. Those are in the process right now of implementing it into their system. They all have different dates, just so you guys know. Not everybody is up and running quite yet but these guys are putting stuff in place and regulators are getting stuff together. This takes a lot of work.

The story is about Washington State and what they passed that simply unbelievable. I was blown away when I read it. I keep seeing little stories pop up about it. In Washington State, they decriminalized small amounts of all drugs. That’s from cocaine, meth, heroin, and it’s happening. We’re starting to see some of the issues that they’re trying to work out right now. They’re trying to figure out on their end because there’s a multitude of things that they’ve got to work on to try to understand what they’ve opened up. This is some of the biggest news of 2021.

PP 86 | Drug Use

Drug Use: We’ve watched the black market finally getting pushed out and all the tax revenues coming.


There’s a lot of people that are talking about the growth of cannabis. We’re getting so close to seeing federal movement happening for cannabis decriminalization, which is amazing. This story here is even bigger. First, they’re getting major pushback from law enforcement. We need law enforcement for many reasons, but right now, this is taken away a large tool that they use to search, seize, and have probable cause to go further. This has thrown everything in the air. You can imagine the cops were like, “What am I going to do? I have to do police work.” If you’re a police officer, I’m not ragging on you. I’ve had my issues with cops in the past but we do need them.

They’re struggling right now to understand what to do. This is going to be interesting to watch as it unfolds because they’ve had decades of being able to use all these different tools to go after and search deeper into organized crime. This is changing the game and flipping it on its head. The second biggest thing, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the will of the people of decriminalization of these drugs and has ruled felony drug possession as unconstitutional. Now that has thrown law enforcement back. They’re like, “What are you giving them?” They have opened this up now. There’s no regulation on all these drugs. Some of you may remember when cannabis was legalized in your state, everybody was in disarray. They’re going to be in this place of the sky is falling.

What are we going to do? There are going to be drug addicts all over the place. You can imagine their confusion that’s going on right now in Washington. The State Prosecuting Attorney also made some big statements. They came out and there was an email that was published, and it said, “No search warrants, no detention upon suspicion of simple possession, awaiting canine units, etc. You will need to advise your officers as to whether officers should still see the unlawful drugs as contraband or leave them in possession of the individual.” This was the prosecuting attorney that sent us an email to law enforcement. They’re like, “What the heck?”

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They’re trying to put a big stop to it. They’re taking the will of the people seriously. This is awesome to see because law enforcement has had a lot of power for a long time and now, the drug war was cutting it off. That’s basically what they’re doing. They’re like, “Sorry. We’re going to switch this.” The prosecuting attorney is there. The last thing is, “What’s next?” I can only speak to what has happened here with the prohibition on cannabis in Colorado. Recreationally, it’s been legal since 2012. We’ve watched the black market, it’s finally getting pushed out, and all the tax revenues coming.

That’s why we’re seeing the high amounts of revenue coming into the state. They’re publishing. There was so much that has been done over the past years. They’re going to have to do the same thing. They’re going to take, and basically, the regulators have a ton of heavy lifting to figure this stuff out, but now, the key is turned on. The old saying the genie has been let out of the bottle. Here it is, it’s going to be tough to shove it back in. They are going to have some major growing pains. As I said before, people are freaking out and their heads are on fire. They’re like, “What do we do? We can’t do this. We can’t arrest.” This is also creating many issues where people have been in prison for possession.

We’re going to have to figure out if they’re going to reduce those sentences or let them go. That’s a big issue dealing with that and understanding how that’s going to happen in the courses. You also have people in the court system now that are going through the process that is right in the middle. Does this automatically equate to expunging all their stuff? There are going to be limitations that they’re going to put in place that is going to allow certain criteria where this criminal will fit in here. If he fits in this box here, then he can go. That’s what they’re going to have to create. I’m sure most of us have visited the DMV, it is a slow process. This is not happening overnight. It’s going to send a ripple effect.

PP 86 | Drug Use

Drug Use: There will be tons of new careers resulting from the decriminalization of drug use.


We’ve got cannabis being legalized but this is going to send a ripple effect across the rest of the US on what states are going to do with their drug policies. Are they going to continue to propagate the drug war or are they going to do something different? I know I talk about cannabis 99% of the time but if the drug war interests you, I want to share with you an amazing book. Somebody turned me on to it and it’s called Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari. This guy starts back when prohibition ended on alcohol. It starts a story of the drug war and it’s been going on for the last hundred years.

If you are interested in understanding a different perspective and looking at it from so many different perspectives on life, I encourage you to check this out. The beauty of this is it’s audible. You can check it out on audible or you can also download the hard copy, check it out, and read it there. That I would suggest. It changed the way I’ve looked at addicts, treatment, and funding of our money. How we got into fighting the war here in the US? How it’s created some of the most wealthy cartels in history? What is happening down South of the border? I feel for Mexico because they have a beast that is out of control down there. I’m not saying this too scare you but because I think everybody is well aware of this. They have so much power because they have so much money. We need to take the money out of the drugs and what they’re doing to minimize the impact on so many lives.

There are so many people that have been affected or killed during the last hundred years. For what? For morality? Is that it? Telling people what to do. I’m not sure. Everybody is on their own journey. I encourage you to read this book if this interests you. I also encourage you to watch Washington. Keep an eye on what’s happening there. The entrepreneur in me knows that this is going to open up more opportunities. I’m not saying that you’re going to go out there and sell cocaine or something like that. That’s not it but there’s going to be a ton of new careers that are going to be created out of this, whether it be law or in the private sector.

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Whatever it’s going to be, you’re going to see some crazy new industries pop up from this right now. If you want to get involved in something new, I would seriously encourage you to check out what Washington is doing and what they’re working on because it’s a whole new world out there. Everybody is working from everywhere. Who’s to say you can’t be a part of what Washington is doing f it’s something you want to get involved with. Thanks so much again for joining me. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much again.

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