Different Business Types Within The Cannabis Industry

Step 2 – The Business Type

by Anthoney Frischknecht

“There are people with otherwise chaotic and disorganized lives, a certain type of person that’s always found a home in the restaurant business in much the same way that a lot of people find a home in military.”


– Anthony Bourdain
The all-important question is, how do I get started? You know, when you hear people say, “Well, I just kind of fell into it,” that’s not entirely true. Most people have a railroad track they are on, and the train track can take you in so many different directions. It really depends on which stop you get off at.
In the early 2000s, I was on a track that was taking me through construction. It wasn’t a clear path, but it was what I knew. I, like many kids in their late teens and early 20s, had no clue what I was going to do for the rest of my life. So I was following the path that my father created for me. Many times, I remember thinking, “How do I find a clear path to becoming successful?” Because it sure wasn’t in construction, in management, or retail. I must have had half a dozen jobs between the age of 20 and 25. The one thing I was sure about was that I needed to figure out how to work for myself.
Around 21, I decided to make some changes. I was working for a gentleman, in the summertime, all through high school. We were doing exterior remodels on residential homes. Randy was a great guy, and I learned a lot from him, but I didn’t see very much of a future, nor did I have a passion for the work. I had decided that I needed to change my direction.
I had a good friend at the time that said he could get me a job managing at a restaurant. My only restaurant experience was working for a Boston market during the school year. Why not try another restaurant? It was worth a shot. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast in my current environment. After just a couple of months, I was a shift manager, and after about six months, I became a general manager. I know what it looks like: Wow, I was really moving up the ranks fast. There is a little truth to that, but it was a new company, called ZTECA. They had a quick growth opportunity because they were so new. Most people would know it as the start of QDOBA. The timing was right for me to experience fast growth with the company.
To be continued…

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