PP 82 | Benefits Of Cannabis


How does one enter the world of Comic Con to that of Cannabis? Allow K.C. Murdock to enlighten us in this episode. Joining Tony Frischknecht, K.C. takes us to his career journey from starting as a musician to becoming a podcast host of Chronicles of Comic Con and Down the Road Show. Venturing out to the world of cannabis, he then shares with us his new docu-series, The Cost of Cannabis, about the industry, where he sheds light on the amazing benefits of cannabis to our health. K.C. then lets us in on his take on the efforts to legalize the use of cannabis and what he is looking forward to using his platform to spread awareness.

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From Comic Con To Spreading Awareness On The Benefits Of Cannabis With K.C. Murdock

I’m very excited to bring you a different style of guest. His name is K.C. Murdock. He started as a musician and surely, after finishing his only album, he started a podcast called Chronicles of Comic Con with friends that spun out of control as he became a professional in the Comic-Con circuit. He has moderated panels of tons of celebrities and created projects for personal friends all over the US. He has two video podcasts, Down the Road Show and the cooking show, Cooking with K.C. on his YouTube channel when his health allows him. He also worked in the restaurant industry for two decades. I am very excited because he is working on a new docu-series that’s coming out about cannabis. We’re going to be discussing that here. K.C., thank you so much for joining me. How are you doing?

It’s great, Tony. Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure.

It’s great to have you here. Before we get into discussing the docu-series, I want to get into how does somebody fall into the Comic-Con. It baffles my mind how you fell into this whole thing.

The crazy part is I fell into it and then became small press, and was on the list for every award show in Hollywood. I was a year away from getting red carpet access, then things happened and I lost my website. Without the website, I’m no longer press and couldn’t get access to the Golden Globes and all of those. How you fall into it, that’s the weird part. I was dragged, kicking and screaming to my first San Diego Comic-Con. The biggest comic convention on the planet that everybody wants to go to, I didn’t even want to go to.

I save a place for my friends in Hall H Line, which is the biggest event to get into all weekend where they do all the premiers of the movies, the new TV shows coming out. It holds 5,000 people. The line goes all the way around the convention center. It’s crazy. I slept in shorts in mildewy grass overnight in San Diego, holding the place, not knowing what I was getting into. That weekend blew my mind because I like comic books. I was always more of a superhero movie and TV show guy. My great uncle was Commissioner Gordon on the original Batman series. I grew up loving the industry already.

Is that where you get your start in comics?

Yeah, but I’m not a comic book reader and collector like a lot of my friends in the industry. I’m down there as I’m wrapping up my album and realize that this is more than comic books. This is all of Hollywood. There are basketball players and football players down here. There are porn stars. There’s everything. People I wouldn’t imagine running into, I’m running into down there. I go down to the next year to promote my album and hand out a bunch of little buttons and pins with my website on there so people can download the first song for free, and about an hour on a Saturday after I hand out the very last pen, two guys get in a fight in Hall H where I had spent the previous year, because their legs were touching because they crammed them in there. One of these guys takes my pen and stabs the other guy in the eye. The only violent act ever at San Diego Comic-Con was with my promotional pen, my second year at a Comic-Con, and things start going from there.

PP 82 | Benefits Of Cannabis

Benefits Of Cannabis: Wanting basic human decency for people is considered being a far-leftist these days.


It sounds like you almost got thrown into it then at that point.

Chris Hardwick even mentioned in one of his standup routines. From there, I realized I’m small press and go to my first Comic-Con with the Down the Road Show Podcast for Wizard World.

How long has the podcast been going at this point?

It’s a couple of months.

Was this your beginning?

This is the beginning, Down the Road Show. My friend, JC is like, “I want to start a podcast.” I’m like, “My dad was called the Golden Voice of Lake Powell. He was in radio. It’s the only thing I’d ever thought about going to college for. Yeah. Let’s start a podcast.” He went and talked to where I recorded my album and about doing the podcast out of there. I’m like, “That’s not going to work. Let me tell you exactly how that’s going to go with these douchebags over there.” It did. He calls me, I’m like, “Perfect, cool. Let’s meet and have lunch. I’ll start us a podcast.” I put out an ad. That’s how we found Mario Toscano in the paper. He filled that out. He came and joined the podcast.

We recorded it at my buddy, Victor Arzola’s house, who was my guitarist at the time. He already had his own home recording studio. My bass player, Kyle “The Rabbit” Burlington. He worked for LA times and had gotten fired because everything was going digital. He was a press photographer for them for years. He brought his camera and did the video part. We were putting up fifteen-minute clips on YouTube and we’re the first official YouTube podcast in existence as far as I’m aware of. I’ve done all the research. I can’t find another one that was doing this several years ago.

PP 82 | Benefits Of Cannabis

Benefits Of Cannabis: The Cost of Cannabis isn’t about making money off of it. This is about it being seen.


For podcasting, there were some guys maybe doing it a couple of years before you. I’ve heard some guys at 2007, 2005, but nobody’s been doing video. Not to go into too much for the readers out there right now, things have jumped so much further over the last several years. It’s much easier to get things rolling. You guys had to work to produce something. I can’t imagine how much time you put into it.

It was hard. I did a live stream from the grand opening event of Rampage Fitness Academy for Rampage’s UFC Gym in Mission Viejo. It’s not there anymore, but my band played. I hosted the event. I made a commercial for him and his gym, and promoted the heck out of it. Tito Ortiz and some other UFC fighters were there. We interviewed them. This was several years ago, setting up the live stream for that. There was only one surface out there for that. It was not easy to do from a parking lot. It did not work well. I learned my lesson about trying to live stream back then. Now here we are in the future, several years later that I’ve been working and hoping for all podcasters and all small media like myself.

Speaking of small media, you’re creating a docu-series. What’s your relationship to hemp and cannabis?

I’m pretty sure CBD is the only thing keeping me alive. Cannabis is the only thing that works on the arthritis, my neck pain, the migraines I get from that. My jaw arthritis is insane. I’m obsessed with pill commercials and big pharma commercials for migraines that are like, “We can get your 4 to 5 migraines a month down to maybe half of that.” I’m like, “These lucky sons of bitches only have 4 to 5, I get that a week.” I’ll have a migraine that last an entire week. I also got pinched nerves in my neck and lower back so eight up here and six down here. I lose a feeling in my fingers and my toes, sometimes all the way up to my hips. It depends on the day I’m having and what I can feel. I’m also losing feeling on the inside of my body. I have about a 30-second warning to go to the bathroom. I try not to leave the house too often anymore.

It comes down to your health.

Now it does. I got my first time when I was sixteen smoked hits from a bong. My sister found me vegging out in front of the TV, not even knowing my name. I rediscovered it after I graduated when I was eighteen and fell in love with it. I was molested when I was thirteen and it was difficult going to bed without seeing this asshole’s face every night and reliving that horror. Marijuana helped me get through that and helped me erase his face and calm down enough so I could go to bed on a regular basis throughout my twenties. Thank God for that. It’s the same reason why I became a blackout alcoholic at a certain point to be able to go to bed for my own mental health. It’s not the greatest way to do things. I’m self-medicating because when you’re a bartender in this country, and you’re only making $2.13 an hour in Utah that’s legal because they think you’re making a great amount off of those 10% or less tips.

What year were you bartending through?

The internet was supposed to bring us closer, but it's pushed us farther apart in many ways. Click To Tweet

It’s ’97 until a few years ago.

What part of Utah were you in?

I started in Leyton and then ended up in Ogden because it is the armpit of Utah. That’s where the non-Mormons tend to go hang out a little more so they can party in peace. Utah has changed a lot since then.

I was going to say over the last few years, there’s been quite a change.

I moved back to California in 2000. Here’s the fun irony part. I never got busted for weed in Utah. One seed and you could go to prison.

They’re pretty tight.

They legalized it now. I never thought I’d be living in a world where marijuana was legal in Utah and Mitt Romney would be the voice of reason in the Republican Party. I’m freaking out.

PP 82 | Benefits Of Cannabis


Things have changed tremendously, that’s for sure. It sounds like you’ve had spent a lot of time in California. You’re in Albuquerque, then you’ve got time in Utah. You’ve seen an array, especially around the cannabis world.

That’s what I was about to say. Here’s the irony part. I moved back to California in 2000. I graduated high school in California. I ended up back in Utah for seven years in my twenties, living with some cousins and being a dumb twenty-year-old. I get busted by a cop at the beach with one of my high school friends and some other people. I take credit for all the pipes, all the weed and everything. It’s a misdemeanor ticket. I’m back in California. I know it’s a misdemeanor ticket here. I’m going to take that misdemeanor. I’m driving to court January 5th, 2001, not wearing my seatbelt. I’m not in a hurry to get there, no other cars on the road. Some idiot pulls out in front of me and I T-boned him.

I break the windshield with my face leading to a lot of these issues I have. I bruised my tailbone, which has caused me traveling and sitting issues ever since then. I had a concussion for a good seven months. The doctor put me on Prozac to help with my brain swelling at the time. That was the first time in my entire life that I realized Prozac makes me feel the exact same way marijuana does. Marijuana has been my ADD drug this entire time and I didn’t know it, which explains why every time I ever went into work and didn’t take at least one hit for work, I had a horrible shift and was fucking up people’s orders left and right. I felt bad for all of my customers. It was a horrible restaurant experience for them. All of a sudden, that made a whole lot of sense. Now that we’re in the age of education when it comes to cannabis, hemp, and especially CBD products, we’re learning more and more on a science-based system, that all makes more and more sense. There’s the irony of it where I’m finally back to California where it’s legal, and I get a misdemeanor ticket in an accident that causes all these issues. Now, look how legal it is in California. It’s ridiculous. I’m in all of this over a misdemeanor.

I have a misdemeanor from my past, so I feel you. It’s amazing some of the stuff that’s coming out with Oregon right now where they decriminalized low amounts of all drugs, which is pretty crazy. The evolution of what’s happening going from the subpharmaceutical world to the illicit world is they’re starting to cross right now. We’re seeing that firsthand in all these different counties and states. With your docuseries, share with me a couple of the topics that you’re going to be working on. I find it very interesting because there are many different ways to look at this thing. You’ve got a different perspective. It’d be interesting to hear your perspective on how you want to take this and how you see benefiting the cause or the efforts of legalization.

With this docuseries, I’m trying to approach it from as many perspectives as possible. I was raised a right-wing Christian Mormon in Utah, and now I’m considered so far left, even though I’m not. Wanting basic human decency for people is considered being a far leftist these days. If you think being anti-fascist is such a bad thing, then go back and read a history book on why we fought World War II for the love of God. I don’t get it. I love getting into First Amendment. I love all topics of politics, religion, music, entertainment. We are people. We’re humans first. We tend to forget that. The internet was supposed to bring us closer, but it’s pushed us farther apart in many ways because now we’ve lost consequences. We may have freedom, but we’ve lost consequences in this world. We’re not getting punched in the face anymore for saying something stupid immediately.

I was taught a lot when I was young, “You need to think before you talk.” I’m better at that than I used to be, for sure.

I got six episodes. It may end up with 7 or 8 episodes. I don’t know. The first episode is Marijuana Murder. It’s about my friend, Stuart Masio, who also had a misdemeanor in Arizona. He refuses to do time, refuse to do a community service or pay a fine, and decided to slit his wrists in open court. That tells his story and the aftermath, and his family and what they’re dealing with. I filmed that in 2013. I was going to make a documentary about it for activist side of why is it illegal, etc., but never had a clear vision of what to do with it. In 2021, I found all my old footage and laws have changed around the country so much. I’ve grown as a producer, director and an editor. I have a clear vision now. All of a sudden, it jumped from a single documentary into like, “This has got to be multiple episodes.”

We may have freedom, but we've lost consequences in this world. Click To Tweet

I have one on the history of hemp following it from its origins in China and how it spread across the world from there. That’s the industrial hemp, and how Columbus used it in the sales to discover America. It was legal across the entire planet. It wasn’t demonized or thought of as toxic or a bad thing until we made it illegal in America in the 1920s. The rest of the world was like, “If America thinks it’s bad, maybe we should stop using it too.” Thousands and thousands of years, it was okay. All of a sudden, America freaks out in the 1920s because Mexicans were smoking actual cannabis and getting high. They started blaming the Mexicans and the blacks for stealing white women, made reefer madness and all of that.

We also have another episode that I’m calling reefer racism, where we go into the laws and how we should be expunging all these records of the black and brown people. I don’t know how many times I’ve been busted by cops and was told that I’m lucky I’m white, go home. They weren’t going to process this. I knew they were telling me themselves that those cops were going to go home and smoke it. They were okay with people smoking it, but it was their job to arrest black people for smoking it. I cover that and how cops were started by the KKK. It was a white supremacy organization and needs fixing. We’re going to delve into all of that.

I got another episode with the Weed of World so we can look at the difference between laws in this country and around the rest of the world. I got a great interview coming up with a hemp grower in Ireland soon and another podcaster like you in India. I’m going to be talking to people around the world, not just this country. I’m going to be talking to the cannabis coalition for vets out of Texas that’s trying to get it legalized nationwide. That way vets can utilize it for their PTSD instead of all these pills they’re taking that usually make things worse. I’m going to be covering those topics out there about cannabis, CBD, and talking about the difference between CBD and THC. This is going to be educational, informative and entertaining. There is no subject around the plant that I won’t be getting into.

I know a lot of these topics that you’re talking about, I get questions once a week on something, especially with legalization. You brought up Texas. That’s another big one. Those guys have been fighting for PTSD approval down there for years now. I was working on some projects down there. It seems like they’re coming around. We’re also seeing transfers of a lot of people moving to Texas to take advantage of taxes. That will start helping change people’s thoughts and visions as we grow forward. I’m looking forward to checking it out because that should be awesome finding some of those guys that are deep in it right now. That’s probably some of the most fun of it.

I look forward to having you on it.

I love to be on it with you. We’ll connect after this and, and figure out what works for us. When people are looking for this, do you have a name for the show yet? Have you figured something out on that?

I can’t advertise it at all whatsoever. I’ve tried every platform and none of them will let me advertise it whatsoever.

PP 82 | Benefits Of Cannabis


I feel your pain. I’ll try to advertise my show and I have a problem because of my link back to cannabis. It makes it challenging. I know it exactly.

I’m trying to change every industry out there to make it marketable and acceptable. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing this. My Down the Road Show, YouTube.com/DTR Show. I was one of the first channels YouTube took from fifteen minutes. They picked 100 channels as a test subject and I was hitting that test subject to become a full hour. If you remember back in the original YouTube days, I’ve been on every social media platform when they first started, it was only fifteen minutes. You couldn’t do fifteen minutes and one second. I lost some footage that I can never get back because it was one second too long back in the day. I didn’t know what I was doing.

Go there and subscribe. That’s where you’re going to find several years of fun, Comic-Con nerdy stuff, and see where I relaunched the new Down the Road Show Podcast. I’ve realized that I want to be more political, religious and talk more about life, and be the activist that I always have, and use my platform correctly. That was when I was like, “I got all these CBD reviews that I can’t put advertising money on YouTube. Let’s create the atmosphere that I want to see with cannabis moving forward in all platforms in the industry. Let’s talk about this in a real educational, but entertainment way because I’ve way too much to say.”

The whole docuseries because I couldn’t get in with Netflix or Hulu. I can’t even get a pitch meeting because even though I have great connections in the network, Hollywood, the different scenes and whatnot, I’m still a small fish in a very big pond. I decided I’m going to going to put it on my Down the Road Show YouTube channel. Although that’s not going to allow me to make any money off of it, this isn’t about me making money off of it. This is about it being seen. This is my Swan song. This is my stamp on life. If this is the last thing I ever make and I die because of the side effects from one of my nerve damaged pills and everybody gets to see this, I die happy. It’s called The Cost of Cannabis. Everybody, Google The Cost of Cannabis because the more that shows up in Google, the more they have no choice but to show my show. The first episode launches on April 20th, 2021.

K.C., thank you so much for joining me. I can’t wait to hear how the docuseries go. I’d love to have you back to talk that over in the future. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope we were able to give you some good insights on some future stuff coming up. We will see you next time.

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About K.C. Murdock

PP 82 | Benefits Of CannabisAs a long time activist of Legalizing Marijuana this project is more than personal to me. The episodes cover the history of hemp, cannabis culture, cbd industry, debunking devil’s lettuce myths, agriculture benefits, building materials, prohibition, war on drugs, system racism, and our first episode “Marijuana Martyr” starts in 2013 when it still wasn’t legal in as many states as 2020 and I get the strangest call from my friend in Arizona that refuses to go to jail over a simple weed ticket……. What happens next even his family didn’t know was coming. Only I knew and I didn’t believe it till it was too late.



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