PP 56 | Cannabis As Ultra Food


When people talk about cannabis, they usually focus on growing, selling, and the business side of it as well as its medical properties. However, there are many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are in the plant that are hardly ever discussed. On today’s podcast, Tony Frischknecht chats with Miguel Neumann from CBDMEX about the nutrient side of the plant and why it’s considered the world’s first ultra-food. Miguel is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry.

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Harnessing The Power Of The World’s First Ultra Food With Miguel Neumann

We’re going to talk about a few things a little bit differently. A lot of information that I’ve given out is on growing, selling, business, medical properties of the plant, how well it’s used and also the euphoria side. In this episode, I’d like to talk a little bit about the nutrient side of the plant. We don’t discuss that as much as we probably should. There are many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are in this plant but it’s hardly discussed, for whatever reason. I’ve got my theories and it’s probably not as sexy as getting high or the medical values where it helps people out. I think it gets pushed back a little bit more than it should. I’ve got Miguel Neumann from CBDMEX. He is joining me from Acapulco, Mexico. Miguel, how are you doing?

I’m doing great. How are you?

I’m doing excellent. I take that you’re avoiding the city a little bit and enjoying the beach with the family. Is that the case?

I have little kids and it’s impossible for them to do whatever they’re doing inside four walls. I have been trying to get out, even go if it’s for a little while so they can get some necessary fresh air. Also, for everyone to feel better.

It’s one of my favorite places. If you haven’t been to Acapulco before, it’s incredible. I know that the ocean is clearing up a lot right now because there are not as many people which makes it even more beautiful. Miguel, can you share with the audience a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’ve been studying the properties of cannabis in a medicinal way for many years now. It’s amazing what the plant can help you with in a nutritious way. We know that nutrition is everything for medicine. Talking about healthy people, you are what you eat. The cannabis plant has lots of amino acids and omegas.

What interested you years ago like, “I want to understand the nutrient levels in this plant. I want to get more involved?” What was that starting point for you?

It didn’t start on nutrition exactly. The girlfriend of a friend of mine had cancer and she had chemos before and they didn’t work for her. My friends told me that he had heard something about cannabis trying to help out in cancer. We got into the research and she got healthy again. She conquered her cancer. That amazed me in many possible ways and I said, “I’m going to look further into this.” I did and I’m here.

Was she cured for the long-term? Is she still around?

She’s still around but they broke up.

You don’t have any contact with her anymore. That’s an amazing story. I’ve talked to many people that have been through the same thing. It sounds like it was a moment that changed your life. Did that change your mindset in the fact that it was an illegal plant that couldn’t be consumed at the time?

Nutrition is everything for medicine because you are to what you eat. Click To Tweet

It has nothing to do with the thing that I knew or that whatever they taught me before. People should read about it. I know lots of informative blogs and everybody’s trying to inform people. What can you say about the plant, which is carved on the stone on the Egyptian pyramids?

It’s hard to believe how old this plant is. When you go with what we have now and what we know about this plant, it’s very little. When you start digging into the nutrient levels and what’s available in this plant, what’s the biggest surprise when you started looking into this plant and what it carries? Is it the vitamins? Is it protein? What part of the plant that you’re like, “This makes this plant different than anything else that I’ve seen?”

Proteins, amino acids, and omegas. They do help you with your immune system a lot. They do bring a healthy heart. It goes all around your body whenever you use some of those things. You can be living on hemp seeds.

I was reading a little bit about hemp parts and the amount of protein. It seems incredibly high. When I started looking at them, I was pretty amazed because I was reading a few articles and they were talking about cannabis being a superfood.

It’s an ultra-food.

What makes it an ultra-food?

It’s highly available if you want to see it. It’s also accessible for anyone to buy, not in the supermarket because prices are high and that’s stupid because you could have it at your own home. You could produce your own medicine and your food. Lots of other things as well, like ropes, salads. You can use every part of the plant.

Can you compare the protein levels of let’s say a cow or chicken to hemp parts?

Yes, but it’s different because one is vegetable, which is a cleaner source than meat. I don’t know about you but red meat is not the way to go, not for the time being of course.

What’s the big difference? You said it’s cleaner, but why is it cleaner?

Your body can take into the system much faster and almost all of the proteins and amino acids from the vegetable side and it’s easier to process. Animal protein is much more different and much more difficult to take in. The way meat is produced is a bit of cruelty. The animal feels something so you’re eating that stuff as well.

PP 56 | Cannabis As Ultra Food

Cannabis As Ultra Food: You could produce your own medicine and food, and you can use every part of the cannabis plant.


Are you a vegetarian?

I am not vegetarian but I’m trying to get into fish. I’m trying not to consume any meat for the moment, not even chicken but if it’s organic, I guess I do.

Going into cannabis, I know you’ve been exploring it for the last several years. What products can be made edible that you’re either seeing or that you thought of that can be valuable to society with this plant?

We made nutritional bars from different parts. It was intended for very low resources people or in extreme poverty. My idea is to have a bar that can last for the nutrients and minerals and vitamins, which a kid needs from 6 to 12 years. It would be a complete meal but it was tough to make. I haven’t developed that as well. I have only developed a nutritional bar, which you could eat instead of one meal, but I wanted the whole day to be covered. I’m trying to get there because it would benefit a lot of people. What happens if you give a family 100 bars? They would have 100 days to eat.

Would you be willing to share a little bit more about the extreme poverty that is in Mexico?

There are two sides to the story and it’s very polarized and this is not helping at all because people cannot go to work. People in Mexico need to go to work to eat that day. Mexico’s government is not giving any support to anyone. I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is a time for every people in the world not just in Mexico, what we’re living is save yourself. Because nobody knows nothing, everyone’s telling you to do one thing or the other. It’s not organized in any way. Mexico is not an exception. Since there was a lot of extreme poverty before, it’s getting harder and harder for people to eat because they cannot get to work. They are encouraged to stay at home and that’s impossible for them.

Hunger is right at the next corner, and I don’t mean Mexico. Lots of parts of the world would be and will be hungry if they don’t do something right now. I am suggesting hemp or cannabis as a meal, which you can easily grow into your garden. Even indoors, you can grow it and you could have something to eat or medicine. It grows a lot of seeds. You can beneficiate a lot from them. You could survive easily and be nutritionally in a good shape eating hemp.

I was reading about the hemp parts and the amount of protein. I was a little bit confused because it said there were 32 grams of protein in hemp parts but I didn’t know how many seeds that were.

You may read it in the nutritional bag, which contains about 100 grams.

It’s probably 100 grams. I use protein shakes and it’s fun. It made me laugh because I felt a little bit naive about the nutritional facts of this plant. I haven’t focused on it until I started doing a little research. I’m like, “What am I doing? Why am I buying this whey protein? Why am I not chopping up hemp parts?” Can you share with us the different vitamins that are in the plant? I haven’t gotten that deep into it, but I wanted to see what else the value was in it.

It has amino acids. It’s rich in Omega-3 and 6. It has fiber, which helps you out on your digestion. It helps with the oxygen received by your cells. It has high levels of vitamin A and E for your eyes and skin. Its content of vitamin C is considerable. It increases your energy and weighs up your immune system. It has also potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and phosphorus. It has ten essential amino acids and eight which are not essential. It’s not more complete than milk or meat. It also reduces bad cholesterol and the inflammation part can help you out.

Hemp grows a lot of seeds. You could survive easily and be nutritionally in good shape eating it. Click To Tweet

It has some fats in it too, right?

Yes, it does.

What type of fats does it have?

The fats are the omegas.

I was trying to pay attention to what you were telling me so I could make notes here. There was something else too that me as a grower, I don’t pay attention to. I was reading that there are nutrients in the fan leaves, the big leaves too. As a grower, when we’re harvesting the plant, we’re pulling off those fan leaves and there are some wastes that’s done there because there’s no THC that we use. I didn’t realize that there is a bit of nutrient in there as well. I was surprised. I was like, “There is even a little bit more.” When these fan leaves dry up, there’s next to nothing. It’s these tiny little bits. It’s shrunken up. I don’t know how many thousands of pounds of those I’ve thrown away in the past.

That can be used for lots of purposes. You could eat it obviously as a salad or drink it as a tea and lots of things. You can also work on some things. You can use the cannabis plant for everything. Everything on the plants can be put to use.

When we start going into hemp, CBD is of course bigger in the US but there are a lot of people getting involved because it’s a big cash drop now. I did a presentation talking about all the properties of the plant. It’s what I used to consider as like the buffalo. They use every part of it. It’s the same thing here. There are many ideas of what can be created and products that can be created from this. From what you said, being ultra-food is something that none of us have heard of like this. We’ve got products out there like avocado that’s got a lot of nutrients in it but avocados take a lot of water to grow. It takes like 60 gallons of water to grow one avocado.

There are places down in South America. These little towns and countryside that all the water is being directed towards the avocado fields and they have no water for themselves. All the water sources are going towards growing the food because it’s expensive for them to sell. It’s valuable for them. They give it to the plants instead of the people. There’s got to be a way to change that. If we’ve got stuff happening in the world, when you get to superfood, the ultra-food as you said, as cannabis is, what do you think the future is for this ultra-food?

PP 56 | Cannabis As Ultra Food

Cannabis As Ultra Food: Hemp has no carbon footprint. It takes it from the air.


It’s going to be the future. You compare the hectare of trees in the Amazon. If you seed or plant hemp in the same hectare, it takes four times whatever the hectare which they believe to grow about all the time in the world to grow that tall. This one just takes three months and you can clean the area four times as well. It has a negative carbon dioxide. It has no carbon footprint. It takes it from the air. Everything is going to be hemp made. If we want to conserve this planet, we have to change lots of things for us to continue our existence because we’re tending to disappear. Mother Earth is complaining about what we’re doing.

I know we had a short time with you. Thank you so much for sharing. For the audiences out there, you have created a bar that you sell. That’s the ultra-food which is hemp product. I know you’ve created this yourself. If people are interested in contacting you for whatever reason, what’s the best way to reach you?

They can contact me through CBDMEX.com or on Facebook. That will be great. You could look up CBDMEX.com as a business page on Facebook. That’s the best way to contact me as I always respond to the Messenger tab.

You can reach out to me if you have any questions for me or Miguel at PlantProblem.com you can catch me there. I would also ask that you guys take five minutes and look into the nutrient properties of this plant. I would encourage you to reach out to me on Facebook and tell me what new nutrients that you’ve learned about and say, “I didn’t even know this had in it.” I think it would be a fun little exercise. Please, take a few minutes, check it out, and send me what you’ve learned and I will create a post also of what I’ve learned. Miguel, thank you so much for being on with us. I know you’re on a vacation with your family. Thanks for breaking out with that time. I want to thank the audiences out there for joining me again for another episode. I want to make sure that I give more and more information. I’m going to keep pushing and bringing you some awesome stuff.

No, thank you. It was a pleasure and whenever I can tell you some nutrition advice, please do it. It’s for your good. This is the time not to let go of nutrition. This is the most important time.

I agree with you. Thanks.

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About Miguel Neumann

Ceo and active investigator on health and nutrition regarding cannabis.

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