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Cannabis is a young industry with tons of potential – and an equal amount of pitfalls. As a  veteran investor, with over 15 years in the cannabis market alone, Tony Frischknecht brings unique clarity to the industry. He works with young startups and investors, guiding them through the tangled web of legality, business, agriculture, and tech, so they can find success in the legal cannabis trade faster.

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Tony’s Plant Problems Podcast

Bringing with him over a decade’s worth of experience, Tony dives deep into conversation with the best in the business to give listeners the answers they want about the cannabis market. From business to law and science, the Plant Problems Podcast offers current insights on every aspect an investor or entrepreneur needs to get started in the field.

10 Steps To Becoming A Multi-Millionaire In The Legal Cannabis Industry

It took Tony over a decade to find real, sustained success in the legal cannabis industry. His journey was full of pitfalls and dead-ends, so when he finally found the success that had eluded him for so long, he knew he had to share it.  Your journey just became a little easier. 

Tony’s book, ‘From Black Market To The Man: 10 steps to becoming a multi-millionaire in the legal cannabis industry’, gathers together everything Tony has learned over his decade and a half in the industry, plus over 17 years of investing experience, to support and mentor young entrepreneurs find success in the cannabis market.

“Mr. Frischknecht gives some great advice and tells it like it is, coaching those of us who have the drive to get into or change how we’re operating in the cannabis industry. ”

– Adam R.

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