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If you’re thinking of investing, working, or starting a business in the cannabis industry, then you need to listen to Plant Problems, a podcast that takes a different approach to cannabis than what you’re seeing and hearing from the mainstream media. Hosted by Tony Frischknecht, the podcast provides high level information to help you understand the business more and make your decision on the direction you want to take. Tony has been successful in the cannabis industry for over fifteen years, and he’s going to take you along on a ride that will help widen your horizon and your industry knowledge about this amazing plant. The cannabis industry is still very new. Therefore, there are a lot unknowns. These unknowns are rather scary, but we will take you on a journey to help uncover the unknown. In Plant Problems, he’s going to be breaking down and tearing apart the myths of the cannabis industry along with shedding some light on the opportunities in the industry.

Success Starts With Planning

Success Starts With Planning

  This bonus episode is for my listeners to let you know what is going on in the next couple of months. We will be taking a small break from publishing to record a bunch of new episodes and you can expect me back on June 16th. Listen to the podcast here:...

Wow!  How Much Do You Want For That?

Wow! How Much Do You Want For That?

  Pricing cannabis seems like a no-brainer until you dig your boots into the ground and realize that it’s really not. Being in a new industry, buyers and sellers tend to rely a lot on guesswork instead of an established flower pricing system,...

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