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If you’re thinking of investing, working, or starting a business in the cannabis industry, then you need to listen to Plant Problems, a podcast that takes a different approach to cannabis than what you’re seeing and hearing from the mainstream media. Hosted by Tony Frischknecht, the podcast provides high level information to help you understand the business more and make your decision on the direction you want to take. Tony has been successful in the cannabis industry for over fifteen years, and he’s going to take you along on a ride that will help widen your horizon and your industry knowledge about this amazing plant. The cannabis industry is still very new. Therefore, there are a lot unknowns. These unknowns are rather scary, but we will take you on a journey to help uncover the unknown. In Plant Problems, he’s going to be breaking down and tearing apart the myths of the cannabis industry along with shedding some light on the opportunities in the industry.


We met a week or so back at Brighton resort in Utah.  I’m reaching to let you know I love the podcast and love the content. I’m very happy to have met you and heard about your podcast. Like I mentioned at the resort everything you are talking about is super fascinating to me. I’ve actually been wanting to pursue a job in the cannibals industry and was wondering if you had any advice for someone looking for entry level positions in the industry.


Hi Tony,

I appreciated the podcast. Thanks. G

I think your key points are valid:

  • importance of analytics
  • differences between states

Suggestion… your audience probably wants to know more about where the data comes from and why. you may want to spend time explaining the various sources of information.

There is a ton of numbers floating around out there and maybe a good tutorial on sources of data might be of interest. Or maybe you have addressed that earlier or in a different manner? But I think new folks considering entering the cannabis industry would appreciate your input on which sources of information to trust.

All the Best,


Just watched your interview with Conal. I think it is good. bottom line I got… it is tough for people to understand repeatability in product is tough right now. And relying upon experts to help explain differences and similarities between brand names is important. I think this podcast helps explain why there is allot of confusion out there right now.


Episode 52 – Understanding Cannabis Strain Names With Conal Rosanbalm

Informative and educational

Tony gets some great guest on that really drill down on the various parts of the cannabis industry. He has a relaxed style that makes it enjoyable to listen to while still learning new things.

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Awesome podcast

I’ve listened to a lot of different cannabis podcast. This one relates and makes sense. The insight that Tony offers is superior, not just a cannabis podcast but an entrepreneurial one as well. Inspirational!!!!jamacollc1@ 

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Super Informative

Even though I am not in the cannabis industry I have learned so much from Tony’s Podcast. Tony has been introducing me to so many different business ideas and connections to people in the industry. The episode that I really enjoyed was the one with Attorney Berry Grissom. That episode was a super eye opener for me! You really should check this podcast out!


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Customer Service In The Cannabis Industry

Customer Service In The Cannabis Industry

We all have our reasons for starting a business. But, we have to know how to get things going. To this end, Tony Frischknecht explains how customer service works in the cannabis industry. In this episode, he emphasizes that we have to constantly ask questions and have...

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PP 100 | Against The IRS

Free 280E & 471(c) Documents

If you have been listening to the show you know that my cannabis business got Audited by the IRS! Not fun let me tell you.

However, Rachel my awesome lawyer who specializes in tax law sent me these two gems to share with my audience!


Cannabis Taxpayers Find Flaws in New Accounting Method Rules

The Growth of the Marijuana Industry Warrants Increased Tax Compliance Effort


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