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Short Version

Tony Frischknecht is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has created successful businesses from medical cannabis to vape & extraction equipment. Author of From Black Market to The Man and Podcast Host of the Plant Problems Podcast & Extractions Essential Podcast.

Tony has over 17 years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. Tony holds multiple patents in several different countries for a “vertical grow” system manufactured by Ideal Harvest.

Tony wants to share his knowledge with business owners and investors who are looking to join this rapidly growing industry, as well as offer advice on how they can avoid common mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs entering the market today.

Long Version 1


Anthony (Tony), author of the book, “From Black Market To The Man”, shares in this book his experience creating a cannabis business. In 2005, Tony got his start in the medical marijuana industry in Fort Collins, Colorado. He founded a small, marijuana caregiving business called Highway to Healing. 

By the time Tony was 35, he had two dispensaries with sales of $6.5MM annually, as well as two indoor grow facilities with a combined 20,000 square feet of production, in Denver, Colorado. All four locations consisted of 19 city and state licenses. 

Tony joined a group, consisting of five industry leaders and started a successful cannabis brand, O.penvape in late 2012. This company was the maker of vaping products and edibles, that posted a top-line sale of $100 million in 2016 and sells a product every nine seconds. Its busy lab creates over 1 million grams of concentrated cannabis oil and buys 10 tons of marijuana per year. Organa Brands is the only cannabis company with products on the market in 10 states and is included at 1,200 dispensaries.  Tony has subsequently moved on from Organa Brand and is following other ventures.

Today Tony holds multiple patents in several different countries for a “vertical grow” system manufactured by Ideal Harvest, one of his latest ventures. “My favorite part of the cannabis industry,” says Tony, “is watching how fast it is evolving. It is becoming a legitimate and viable industry that is fast converting skeptics to supporters.” It should come as no surprise that he continues to create cutting-edge products by way of his many innovative businesses and partnerships. His latest invention, a personal use home extraction machine from Essential Extraction Corp., is sure to revolutionize the way consumers receive their cannabis oil. “I’m always thinking five steps ahead of the competition,” he adds, “and I’m excited about nationwide legalization. We will see it very soon!”

Tony wants to share more of his knowledge with business owners and investors who are looking to join the cannabis industry. After months of hard work, Plant Problems Podcast went live on December 11, 2019. Tony invited industry experts as guests to speak on different topics that have influenced the industry.

Long Version 2


Anthony (Tony) Frischknecht, grew up in Northern Colorado in a family that was in the construction industry. He was looking for a business that he could make his own. He tried buying houses, remodeling and flipping them, but that wasn’t working out as he had hoped. 

He had a friend he had been talking to, that owned a hydroponic store. His friend said, “You should look at investing.” Long story short, he started growing in a house with a 1,000 square foot basement. His friend had supplied him with the plants. This was in 2006, he was doing the remodeling on a house and was starting a grow operation at the same time. The first harvest took him about six months, he was able to pay off his expenses in that first round and the second and third round was able to catch up on money.

Tony was making money but was looking to find a better way to do it. He started looking into obtaining a medicinal marijuana card. He was able to figure out how to work through the process, after about a year he received his medicinal marijuana card. According to the medical regulations they required him to become a caregiver of patients and grow their medicine for them.

Tony started getting a full-fledged business going. After about a year-and-a-half, he had started a new grow facility down near Denver. He had 40 patients and was doing deliveries up and down the front range. Things were going well. 

At the end of 2009, everything was going great. He had his patients going and was starting to make money. 

In October of 2009, he got a greeting from the DEA, it was a scary time.  Local government at that time didn’t know he had been licensed for medicinal purposes; no charges were laid. After that, he rented a 6,000 square foot warehouse. Tony started his business early enough it allowed him to have a quick start.  He was a pioneer in the industry and regulations were being developed while he was still operating.

Tony believes people should pay attention to the regulations and get involved. That’s one of the biggest things he’s learned throughout this whole process is understanding regulations and being able to make them work for the community, instead of work for the government. That takes everybody out there getting involved and saying, “I want a say in this.” Especially with something as big as cannabis legalization, everybody should be involved, whether they’re for or against it. It’s a part of America, it is a part of our society, so take advantage of what you have.

Tony hopes to educate people in all aspects of marijuana. He himself was self-taught with several ups and downs and has the knowledge to help others.  He speaks fact from experience and not fiction.

Tony has written a book called “From Black Market to The Man”, sharing his experience in the cannabis business.  He also has a podcast called, Plant Problems Podcast. Tony wants to share more of his knowledge with business owners and investors who are looking to join the cannabis industry.



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