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Are you curious about the marijuana industry? Have you thought about getting into the business, but you don’t know where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of opportunities just staring you in the face?

Would you like to discover your point of entry into the cannabis space? If you are considering moving into this wild frontier, you need to know how to overcome serious challenges and barriers. But there is so much more to be considered!

No matter who you are or what your current situation is, this book will provide you with a unique look at a rapidly growing industry full of challenges and opportunities. Regardless of your sex, age, culture, background or social standing, this book will give you first-hand insight and will act as a guide on your journey. It will advise you on steps to take before you make your big move and will teach you how to create a successful roadmap to becoming a multimillionaire.

Anthony Frischknecht was working in construction, remodeling old rundown homes in the small town of Fort Collins, Colorado. In late 2005, the real estate market was starting to slow down after a decade of massive growth so he decided that he needed to make some bold career moves.

Anthony has established and sold two retail cannabis dispensaries, two large commercial grows, and one enormous vaporizer brand in Denver, Colorado. Anthony and a group of individual business owners developed one of the very first cannabis vaporizers in the country to be mass produced. The company later went on to sell its product line in 10 states and multiple countries.

From his experiences as an underground grower to the knowledge and respect he has gained in his 14 years working in the cannabis world, Anthony has written From Black Market to The Man.

Anthony shares with you his experiences in a 10-step process designed to help you navigate this complex industry and breakdown many of the complicated barriers that come along with legalization. In addition, this guide will help you to determine what business model best suits you and your goals.

If you are an investor and the cannabis space interests you, Anthony Frischknecht and the companies he represents, have many other opportunities for you to access and become a success. Get ready to read this incredible journey so you can turn your thoughts into ACTION.

“Anthony does a fantastic job teaching you the tricks of an insider as he walks you along the path to legalization. His perseverance to hang on over the last 14 years is unmatched by many. It’s been great to watch him succeed as he has been faced with so many adversities. Great work Anthony!”

Vicente Fox

Centro Fox - Board President

“This book is a must read! Anthony accurately sheds light on the cannabis industry and how to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Ed Rosenthal

distinguished cultivation expert, and author, recipient of Maverick Award for Excellence in Advocacy and the Oaksterdam University Award of Literary Excellence

“All you hear and read is how everyone has made easy money, Millionaires everywhere. That can happen but only if you have the passion and ability to stick to it even when you are against the wall over and over again. Anthony did just that, kept his head up when many would run away. This book will inspire you!”

Rick Scarpello

Founder & CEO of Incredibles Denver Colorado

“Anthony is an excellent example of someone who has been a pioneer in the industry for over a decade. He has always taken the road less traveled, and From Black Market to The Man is a testament to that.  I think this is just the beginning for him.”

JJ Walker

CEO of Cannabition Las Vegas Nevada The worlds first immersive cannabis art museum

“Finally, someone is sharing some real truth and knowledge about this challenging industry. There’s a lot more to this than just growing pot.  If you want to hear some of the many truths no one is willing to share with you this book uncovers them.”

Rachel Gillette

Partner and Chair, Cannabis practice group Greenspoon Marder LLP Awarded Chambers and Partners, “Cannabis Law - Nationwide,“2019

“Anthony really struck genius here with these simple steps. After reading this book and then applying the lessons along my path, I was able to increase my income 5 times over. It would never have happened if I hadn’t come across this read. Well done Anthony!”
Conal Rosenbalm

Director of Wholesale for Kind Love Denver Colorado

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