PP 64 | Business Success


How do you define success in business? Is it a certain dollar value? Is it a certain lifestyle? Is it a certain level of contribution to making the world a better place? Is it the joy of being able to do something you believe in? We are ticked differently from each other and there are as many definitions of success as there are entrepreneurs. In this episode, Tony Frischknecht reflects upon these questions in the context of cannabis business and shares the three things that define success for him. Listen in, find out where you stand in each of these three things and start redefining your goals to success.

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The Three Pillars Of Business Success

I want to share with the audience out there that I went through my skin check-up. I’ve got two Band-Aids on me. I’ve got one on my forehead and one right below my Adam’s apple on my neck. In my annual check-up, my doctor was concerned about a couple of moles that I had. One was on my forehead and the one underneath the Band-Aid on my neck could potentially be pre-cancerous. She wasn’t concerned, but it’s never good to hear anything from your doctor that has the word ‘cancer’ in it.

I had a young lady in our family passed away at the age of 35. She had melanoma that she found out a few years ago. I went to the funeral. It’s extremely sad. She was married. Now he’s a widower. I don’t think about it enough. It got me thinking more about life as funerals do maybe help you reprioritize things and think about the direction you’re heading. It’s important to think about success. What defines your success? Sitting there watching the priest. It was a Catholic service. I’ve seen the priests and how people are dealing with grief. That started bringing up all these thoughts. The thought of successes, it’s on my mind all the time. I’m sure you are in the same boat or it comes up in conversations with your significant other, friends or family. I believe it’s something that we’re all thinking about all the time.

What excites you to jump out of bed in the morning? That’s your purpose. Find it. Click To Tweet

We should talk about the three things that define success. You might argue on what that might be. These are the ones that are extremely valuable. Number one, purpose. What is your purpose for entering the occupation you’re in or the company that you’re on? What excites you to jump out of bed in the morning? That never gets talked about. I’ve looked at it over since I started the show. The little things that excite me, the goals that I have, and creating this content is one of my purposes. One thing that I like to do for you, I do spring out of bed in the morning. I am ready for that, but I wasn’t always that way. Finding what does that for you isn’t easy. People say, “You’ve got to love it. You’ve got to do this.” Everybody is different.

However, I love the cannabis industry. That has driven me in the direction of finding my purpose for you and trying to create some amazing stuff for you to capture and use on a day-to-day basis is always on my mind. Figuring out what that purpose is for you. Number two, contribution. Is your product or service helping society or helping specific people? People may argue with me about this, but it’s a huge part of the purpose side as well. When I had started medical marijuana, one of the things I loved about it was delivering to the patients. I would drive anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to a person’s home. Back then, you could easily look at me. I’m not a whole lot different, except for, I don’t have a Band-Aid on my head, but I was bald. I was pretty clean dressed.

PP 64 | Business Success

Business Success: The three things that define success in business are purpose, contribution and happiness.


I showed up. I had a little medicine bag carried. I had a couple of different varieties of cannabis, my little scale for weighing out the medicine, as well as a couple of different ideas of the products that I have coming up. When I mean products, different flowers that I had. I would show up and it was incredible because I would walk up to the front door, ring the doorbell and they were there like they would just pop right up. They were happy to see me. Back then, people knew far less about cannabis, especially people that hadn’t use it. They will say, “He’s a drug addict.” That was in the back of my mind a little bit too. These people would invite me into their home, sit me down at their table, and talk to me.

I was not only somebody that was bringing a medicine, but I was also someone that they were able to talk to, how they’re feeling, how is their day going. At that point, there were very few people that even them as a patient could trust to go out and ask them like, “This has helped me in this in so many ways.” Even sharing that was a little bit too much. These people would open up their lives to me, share a lot of information about themselves, and teach me about who they were. I also got to become friends with a lot of them as well. That contribution that I was giving was the driver for me to push me into full legalization because I thought I can help more people. If you can find something that you’re able to do that with society, that makes up for the contribution side. The more you can do, the better. The bigger you grow personally and financially able to give. Not because there’s a bragging right involved, because there are a lot of people that do, but to do it to help others.

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Number three, happiness. There are many different directions this could go. However, I’m going to limit this to two types of happiness. There’s a simplistic and there’s an exotic. We’ll be talking on the financial side simplistic. You don’t have to worry about paying your rent or your mortgage. You don’t have to worry about food and you can pay all your bills on time. Save a few hundred dollars here or there per month. Exotic, flying to different places for large vacations, driving the nicest car, and owning the biggest house. I’ve seen both sides of this. Growing up in my early twenties, I was around some successful real estate agents and brokers. These guys had what I thought was the American dream at the time. They had a house on the lake that was 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. Everything was nice and polished and brand new looking. They had all the toys from boats to motorcycles to fast cars.

I spent hundreds of hours around these guys. I would say not 90% of them, but 100% at the end of the day, their lives have changed. That was their peak. They went down a little bit, then they leveled out. Talking with them during those times, they were never super happy. My balance is what I saw and we’re talking about half a dozen people. They all had nice stuff and they had nice things, but they weren’t extremely happy. Over the last few years, I’ve had this mindset of keeping my life simple. Keeping my life simple can go in many directions. Staying out of debt was my big one. I got out of debt back when I was 36 years old. I paid all my debt off. I was in a huge gain at that point, but I did get to zero.

PP 64 | Business Success

Business Success: If you build an image of what truly is going to make you happy, it’s not going to be so shocking when you achieve it at the end of the day.


Getting to zero is something that’s hard to explain. Once you have the feeling that money doesn’t control you, it’s a life-changer. However, for me getting to the exotic side of this, it’s possible, it takes time to build. Does that make you happy? Those are the two things you have to decide. You can get to the exotic side if you want. If you plan to do it quick and fast, the likelihood of you hanging on to all the assets that you acquire is not a reality most of the time. Most of the time, you’re living out of your means to get to that point. It makes it much more challenging, when turns in the market, let’s say the stock market. There’s the stuff that has happened in cannabis that could have taken a turn for the worst. Your availability to make changes quicker and faster are a lot tougher if you don’t have a significant caution. Happiness, where I am is not making $500, $200, $1 million a year.

You have something built into your mind that is much larger than what you could imagine. Click To Tweet

There are some of you out there that’s what you’re striving for. I get that and I understand. Sometimes when you get there, you don’t know how the feeling is supposed to be. It’s great for a little bit, but that may not be your true happiness. When you’re defining your success, keep these things in mind because I’m going to save you some time. As entrepreneurs reaching for success, truly think about what makes you happy. I can guarantee if you build this image of what truly is going to make you happy, at the end of the day when you achieve it, it’s not going to be so shocking. You have something built into your mind that is much larger than what you could imagine. I’ve talked to several entrepreneurs and they see the value of being happy in their lives. Whether they’re making $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, whatever it is, the amount of happiness doesn’t keep gaining.

PP 64 | Business Success


I’ve talked to friends that between $50,000 and $100,000, it’s not a huge difference. You pay your bills. You can eat and you can enjoy hanging out on a Saturday night, relaxing. That’s pretty huge. Take this now and utilize it. Write it down and make yourself a little goals map. This is what I see the three things for my success and go after it. See what makes you happy. I also want to say that, for those of you that are dealing with any health issues, especially during these times, I want to wish you the best. I hope you’re able to get through them. I would like to say from the experiences that I’ve had lately, if you do have any issues and you’re worried about them, please go and get them taken care of so that you can be around for a much longer time. As a guy who I am, one, we tend to put things off and I almost didn’t want to do this podcast because of the look of these bandages on my head.

It got inside me, but what pushed out is the information I shared with you here, but also it’s not to be afraid. We all go through things and we all need somebody backing us up. If it’s a medical doctor or somebody that’s taking care of your health, please visit them and take care of that. Take care of yourself. Your business will be there. If you have to take a day off to take care of a small procedure or get a checkup. Thank you for reading. You can always reach out to me through email or go to PlantProblem.com. Find any episode there or any information that you need about me. I’m also active on LinkedIn and Facebook, join me there. I hope you enjoyed these three things I shared with you on defining your goals to success. I’ll see you next time.

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