As its name implies, over-the-counter medication is astoundingly easy to get, despite the threats that some of their ingredients pose to the regular person. Of course, different medications affect different people in different ways, but we tend to underestimate the harm that continued use of some common over-the-counter medication ingredients can bring. Tony Frischknecht explores the problems that can be caused by over-the-counter medication. It’s important to get a better understanding of the risk you’re taking by relying on some of that easy-to-obtain medication. Let Tony guide you through some facts and figures that will have you seeing over-the-counter medication from a new perspective.

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Three Powerful Ways to Control Fear

It’s been quite the experience I’ve had gone through this lockdown. There has been a lot of time on our hands and if you’re anything like me, the reflection time is a big part of it. I had some different feelings going on. I don’t know what was going on with me, but I was feeling at a low point and I didn’t know how to deal with it. It’s not normal for me. When it comes down to it, I am gung-ho on everything I do and I push hard for everything that I’m working on. It was one of those times and I was trying to understand what was going on with my mental state. Usually, what I do when that happens, I go workout and go on a bike ride, and everything’s been shut off for over a month. It hit me and I’m trying to keep my positivity moving forward.

The good news is it’s back again and I’m here. I want to let you know that for me, I’m always building something way bigger than what I give myself credit for sometimes. When I lost it, it made me nervous. I dealt with it the only way I could. I went on a bike ride. I was like, “Let’s tear out of this bunk. Let’s go break away and put it down.” I have been working twice as hard as I was before this. People seem to be home more often. That’s the obvious, they are home more often. I’m getting more emails, more electronic stuff and online meetings. These are happening weekly now and it’s keeping me going. I assume there are a lot of you out there feeling the same thing. I was ramping up with that, but it seems like I’ve done well all week. I then get to the week and there was no break. It’s not like I have a weekend and I’m going to go do something.

It finally caught up to me after about a month because I have been keeping myself busy on the weekends with little projects around the house, building this here, cleaning this up here, and spring cleaning. It’s definitely looking better around my apartment. I like that but it’s the mental state and keeping yourself in the forward motion. I went on my bike ride to give me a chance to think maybe about an hour. I recognize that I was dealing with some fear issues. That is something that I feel everybody’s dealing with. It’s normal to be dealing with this for sure. I’ve seen a lot of it, but also not adding to the fear. Whatever we take into our brains, it changes your attitude. I don’t know how many people are watching the news daily but that is something that creates anxiety and fear. I’ve chosen to block that out. I don’t watch the news hardly at all anymore, especially since this pandemic has happened.

Knowing that for myself has made me feel better. Knowing that the news is a tool to sell advertising. From what I see and what I know, that’s where I understand the news is most important. There some great stuff, but there’s also some unbiased stuff that’s online where you can find in medical journals. There are things you can do. For instance, there are a lot of us that have become more self-aware during this time. We’re doing things to mentally take care of ourselves that a lot of us probably have never tried to do. It’s a little bit weird, but it’s also a little bit exploratory, which is fun. Blocking that part out for me has been good. Blocking the news, the fear, and everything has allowed me to open up my mind to these different platforms. They’re all over the internet now. We don’t want to take them for granted. We want to make sure we’re getting it from reputable sources. We don’t want to just intake all this information that we don’t know if it’s true or not.

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken this more seriously. I had an episode where we’re talking about the body and CBD. I read through the report that the FDA gave to Congress, and the way it was stated was unnerving. I’m a cannabis guy. I’m a CBD guy. This is what I’ve done for almost two decades. It’s going to be close and when you see something come out like this, it’s scary. Instead of saying, “The FDA doesn’t know what they’re talking about, etc.” Because the big thing was there was some damaging information saying that it was damaging to the liver. I thought, “Let’s see what the FDA is talking about.”

Doing some of my research, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of products out there that are damaging to the liver. It’s extremely difficult with the amount of time in our day to get some of this information. We’re trying to take care of the kids and make sure their school is happening, which I know you are having a major challenge with. You’re trying to keep them busy and make sure they’re learning or at least keep them out of your way so you can get a little bit of work done. I know that’s been extremely hard for a lot of families out there.

I want to share some of the stuff that I found here. Before I do that, whatever you’re taking in your body, it’s so important at the end of the day. I’m not perfect and I know that. I struggle with many different things like sugar. I’m not super into it, but over the last few months, I’ve definitely had more intake of sugar and less exercise than normal. It’s hard to get rid of that. I heard a host on another podcast say that you should be wearing your masks in your home because that will keep you from eating. I thought was pretty funny because a lot of us are dealing with that too. The kitchen’s right there. It’s easy to walk in.

Knowing where these products come from without doing the research is extremely difficult. You don’t know what you’re damaging. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend several years growing. We would take our baby little plant that we grew from a seed. The very first time I did it, I had a seed and I would wrap it in a paper towel until it sprouted. I knew exactly where it came from. I could see, “This is where I’m at.” I have control over the entire life cycle over the next six months until I can harvest like any other farmer. You harvest and you eat it or in my case, we would dry it, but I’ve got to take it through each lifecycle.

PP 42 | Over The Counter Medication

Over The Counter Medication: Open up your mind to the different platforms the internet has to offer, but don’t take them for granted.

This gave me a great understanding of our produce and what agricultural farmers go through and understanding the phrase “from farm to table.” It’s overused like crazy. I still believe there are a lot of people that use that phrase as a selling point and they’re not following those terms, but it doesn’t matter. The actual understanding of where I could see the flower for the cannabis when I finished it. I had control over the seed. I went from seed and went to a larger pot and all of a sudden, I was putting nutrients in it. I got to control those nutrients as they went in. I know that some of you out there are like, “I know how growing works.” I only share this with you so you understand the real depth that a product goes through.

We’ve got all the nutrients that are going into the plant that’s being uptaken by the roots. The roots are pulling everything you put in it. It’s the same with us. Everything that we put in is going through our body to help our mental state, help how we feel during the day, and so on. There were also points where we would have nutrient deficiencies or we would have too much nitrogen, which would affect the plant. Maybe I’ve been getting too much sugar and it’s been messing with me. It’s silly but as the process went on, I had other steps. I would have to deal with bugs and insects. How are we going to treat that? What are we going to do here? People treat it with pesticides and herbicides. People treat it with living insects, actual and natural insecticide, which is bringing in their natural predators to eat the insects or kill them.

These things are all happening, but the amazing part about being a farmer or a grower is that I can control each step of that process. I knew what was going into the product for my medical patients or my retail patients, knowing that everything I did was in the safety of the patient or customer. That leads me to the information. The FDA is supposed to watch out for us. This is what my understanding is. What you hear back and forth as you’re growing up shapes your thinking. My father is into lots of different supplements. That’s what I knew growing up. Some families were like, you get sick, you take a pill or get a prescription from the doctor to feel better. I grew up on more of the hippie side of it or the hippie side of natural products to help us. There’s definitely a balance of all the supplements we have out there, but that’s a whole other story.

I wanted to do some digging and find out what’s harmful to the liver. I found in public health a published journal, it’s the Journal of Hepatology for anyone out there that would want to search it. It’s available. Acetaminophen is something that’s been around my entire life. I always heard that some of the products aren’t good for you or it can be dangerous to you. I thought, “FDA’s worried about CBD. Let’s see what’s up with some other products.” I went to this journal and I’m going to go through some of the stats here. You can feel free to look at it online. The hard part about finding some of this stuff is I found out doing this research that some of these medical journals are not easy to get. A lot of them charge a lot of money for them. People don’t want to spend on them. I was able to obtain this one and this is what I found out. We’ll go over some of the products that this is in after we get through this.

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Acetaminophen causes nearly 500 deaths a year in the United States. That’s only in the US, as well as 100,000 calls to poison control centers. I’m imagining we’ve got young kids that are taking more than they should. You probably have a lot of people with mental problems that are trying to kill themselves with some kind of pills or probably using this because it’s in many products. It’s so common. There are 50,000 emergency room visits and 10,000 hospitalizations per year. I was blown away when I read that. Given the current state of our environment and the COVID-19, it’s overwhelming to hear a lot of the numbers that are bouncing around.

Not only did I find that in the Journal of Hepatology, but I went to the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition. Acetaminophen toxicity dwarf all other prescription drugs as a cause of acute liver failure in the US and Europe. Acetaminophen is found in over 600 different over-the-counter prescription medications, all kinds of forms: tablets, gel tabs, capsules, suppositories, liquids, powders, dissolving strips. I imagine that there are a lot of you out there that are using these products and you don’t even know that’s in this.

What are these products? I’m going to give you a couple of examples of some of the major ones that I know I’ve used in the past. Alka-Zeltzer Plus liquid gels, DayQuil, Dimetapp, Tristan, Midol, NyQuil, Robitussin, Sinutab, Sudafed and Theraflu. I probably use Theraflu when I get sick. One of the biggest and largest brands that advertise out there, Tylenol. I’m giving those to sink in. We’ve got Vicks. We’ve got a ton of other products, but these are in a lot of products with opioids, painkillers, pain relievers and fever medications.

It took me some time to find the Journal of Hepatology information. Going back to the FDA and the release that CBD is damaging to the liver. We’re listening to them telling us how it could be damaging, then you look in some of these published medical journals and it’s telling us that one of the most popular drugs in the US kills 500 people a year. I can’t prove this, but my guess is nobody’s died from CBD. There are multiple things we take on a weekly basis and non-medication that hurt our liver. This is a part of being alive and part of being a human. I say this because there has been so much fear lately.

PP 42 | Over The Counter Medication

Over The Counter Medication: There are multiple things we take on a weekly basis, medication or non-medication, that hurt our liver. This is part of being alive.


Understandably, there have been a lot of recent deaths. There have been a lot of people that have been ill but understanding the actual knowledge of what’s happening. Going through this simple exercise of seeing what else is damaging made me feel a lot better about it. It reduced my fear of what CBD could potentially become when I start looking at some other products that the FDA regulates. If you are scared out there, you have time on your hands. Do some research. I share this with you for the reason that it’s not fun to be scared of the unknown. If it takes you spending an hour or two researching whatever fear you have of anything, whether it be breathing in the same room, having a mask on, worried about liver problems. If you are experiencing some of these fears, please take your time and be responsible for your own well-being.

We look at these sources, FDA, we listen to the news, our friends, our family. Those are all great to get a point of view of what’s potentially going on, but let’s go back to the facts and figure out how to protect me or how do you protect yourselves out there. I feel that we are becoming more and more a nation that’s open to blaming others for health or well-being. We’re not taking that responsibility on our own. We are in a free country. There are many opinions that we’re able to hear and listen to. At the end of the day, it’s for your mental side. It’s for your health. It’s for you to think clearly to help your family. It’s up to you to work through these speed bumps that happen from time to time.

I wanted to bring you something a little different, letting you know that I understand there’s a lot of confusion and a lot of disruption in your world. Take the time to work through your fear because I don’t want it to control you. It’s simple as that. It was great sharing this with you. I hope it was helpful in your current situation and it’ll help me to talk to you a little bit too. I want you to let me know if there’s anything that I can help you out with or any questions or concerns you might have. What I shared with you is all public knowledge. You just have to spend a little bit of time to look for it. I also want to thank you for visiting and taking your precious time out of your day to let me know what you’re enjoying about the show and what you’d like to know. If you’re hanging on, I have a feeling we’re almost there. I appreciate you reading. That’s been a great start to our relationship and I hope to continue that with you because I want to bring you so much that you can use in business as you move forward, as we work through this together. It’s been great sharing this with you. I look forward to sharing our next episode with you. I will talk to you soon.

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